Kemmangundi horticulture guest house photos

Kemmangundi horticulture guest house photos

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Kemmangundi horticulture guest house photos, Kemmangundi indigenous bush walk trail photos


Kemmangundi is a small town in the picturesque Barossa Valley about an hour west of the beautiful Barossa, just over a dozen kilometres south of Tanunda. With about 200 people living there at the time of writing, it is still in the shade of Tanunda but has added plenty of things to do, including a winery, craft beer bars, restaurants and large indigenous bush walk trail network.

I am sure I won’t be back, maybe not even I will return to Kemmangundi for a while. All of theses places are doing very well and I want to see more.

I went there on a sunny Saturday, and visited a few things and enjoyed the views, but walked quite a bit and explored the trails.

You will need to do this as part of a tour and the walk will take at least four hours to complete.

I visited during the bush walk season so the trails are open but only for walks during this time. Check the website if you are going to do this because some places are open on the public during winter.

I will describe what I saw, places you can visit, and the activities you can do during my trip to Kemmangundi, Australia.

Where is Kemmangundi?

Kemmangundi is in the Barossa Valley in South Australia

Kemmangundi is west of the main part of the Barossa Valley, just over a dozen kilometres south of Tanunda, and just south of a major freeway, the Barossa Valley Highway. There are a few wineries between here and Tanunda, and a few craft beer bars in the area.

Kemmangundi is off a main road, the Old Barossa Valley Road which goes from the Adelaide – Murray Bridge Road in South Australia to the east. I find this drive quite windy at times and lots of dirt roads and very little in the way of scenery.

Drive along the Old Barossa Valley Road

The Barossa Valley

The Old Barossa Valley Road to Kemmangundi

The Old Barossa Valley Road

Cresting the hill, Barossa Valley in South Australia



View from the Hill, Barossa Valley in South Australia

Cresting the hill

This is the Barossa Valley, and I love it

Up on the Hill, Barossa Valley in South Australia

Up on the Hill

This was my first view of the Barossa Valley, and what a view it is.

Up on the Hill, Barossa Valley in South Australia

View from the top of the hill, Barossa Valley in South Australia

Up on the Hill

That is up on the hill where I took my photos.

You don’t have to be a Barossa Valley wine drinker to enjoy a visit to the Barossa. This is one of the oldest wine-growing areas in Australia, dating back to 1837. It produces world class Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay wines and is home to the Barossa Valley Wine Region which spans 10,000 hectares and is made up of five distinct sub-regions:

The Upper Barossa (a western sub-region)

The Middle Barossa (a southwestern sub-region)

The Northern Barossa (a western sub-region)

The The Queen Valley (a western sub-region)

The Lower Barossa (a southeastern sub-region)

Each has their own local wineries, varying from very small boutique wineries to large wineries producing millions of litres a year.

The Barossa Valley Wine Region

The Barossa Valley is very beautiful with mountains and valleys and some very pretty vineyards.

Barossa Valley vineyards

Many of the vineyards are huge and produce millions of litres a year of wine, but you are very unlikely to see a winery on your visit. There are wineries at Maiden Gully, Unley Hill and Houghton on the Old Barossa Valley Road, but you won’t know they are here as most of the roads are just called Old Barossa Valley Road.

The weather is amazing in the Barossa Valley, with long days and cool nights at this time of year. This is one of the premier locations in Australia, as the grapes ripen in the warm nights.

The Old Barossa Valley Road in the Barossa Valley

View from the Old Barossa Valley Road

The Old Barossa

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