Big plants to grow indoors

Big plants to grow indoors

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Big plants to grow indoors

This tutorial was written by member with help from all our readers, and published on 1/7/2009. Please edit if you have your own version or update!


Today, everyone has the chance to grow food from the comfort of his own home.

Every city has gardens where people will plant herbs and vegetables to be able to consume in their restaurants and bakeries and what not.

You can buy gardening equipment on the market or at a big store to grow food for your family.

However, to grow your own food, you need a greenhouse and that's quite expensive.

What we are going to do is using 2 big plants (in this case, Cornus “Budachi” “Kiigyou”) that are both easy to grow.

You can grow them in your house, even though there are growing light restrictions.

You only need a 12 watt bulb for the plants, a normal pot (unless you want to use a big pot) and also a garden peat.

For the plants, the ideal temperature for them is between 15ºC to 25ºC.

One main trick in growing a big plant indoors is that you have to make sure that you give them enough light but enough shade.

Why a big plant is recommended?

Because of its size, you can see the leaves. And since they are big, you will be able to see if something is wrong. And also, they are usually in sale!

Materials you need to grow your cornus in your home

A 12 watt bulb (this is the minimum to be able to grow them. You can easily replace this with another bulb that has higher wattage)

A normal pot (you need a pot with a diameter of 15cm to be able to grow them)

A garden peat (if you have an ornamental garden, go for peat. It is very resistant and it will help with your plants)

You also need some fertilizer for the plants to grow them. You can get it at any big gardening store, where they will sell you a packet of the fertilizer to use.

A really good fertilizer that is not toxic to your plants is “Catupel” or something similar. If you know how to use it, go for it.

If you can't find the pot you want on the market, you can always make it yourself. In fact, if you do it right, it will be much better than any pot you will find.

First, you need to put down some stuff and then you just put the pot in the middle.

What you should put down

A layer of plastic 1cm thick

Some gravel to keep the water away from your soil

Some pebbles

The garden peat

How to make your pot

You will have to make a pot out of 2 layers of plastic. One layer must be 1.5cm thick and the other must be 6mm thick.

This is what you do:

Put the 6mm thick plastic on the ground. This will be the bottom.

Poke some holes in the bottom of this plastic layer

Put some gravel into the bottom of your pot. You can use this because it will stop the water from running.

Put the 1.5cm thick plastic on top of the gravel.

Put the peat into the pot. Make sure that you put the soil very firmly around the plants. You can do this with your hands. The peat will allow the water to stay. If you don't put the peat, the soil will dry and your plants will die.

Put the 12 watt bulb in the pot.

Place the pot where you want it in your house. You can put it in your kitchen or in your dining room or maybe even in the living room. It is not recommended to place them in the bedrooms. There is enough light there already.

Plant your cornus and take care of them

Every plant needs to be watered. When they dry out, they are going to die.

Take care of them as any other indoor plant. You


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