How to take care of a potted hydrangea plant

How to take care of a potted hydrangea plant

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Follow these expert hydrangea care tips for stunning flowers all season long. Hydrangeas may be just about everywhere, but these pretty flowers take a little bit of care to grow into the big blooms you know and love. Whether they're in a vase, a bouquet, blooming in the backyard, or flourishing anywhere thanks to a little container gardening magic, these beautiful, lush blooms are classic. As with any flower, though, keeping up with hydrangea care is important—these flowers certainly need their fair share of TLC. Learning how to care for hydrangeas isn't difficult, especially once you have these pro-approved tips in your back pocket. These hydrangea care guidelines come straight from the experts, and they'll help you care for your blooms in a vase, in a container, in the ground, or wherever else they take root.

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How to Revive Hydrangeas

May 13,Those potted hydrangeas from the flower shop or supermarket are appealing this time of year with their big, floppy blooms in springtime hues of pink or blue occasionally white. Understandably, many became thank-you gifts to moms on Sunday.

Potted hydrangeas — often called florist hydrangeas — are easy to care for indoors, providing you keep the soil moist. If the pot is wrapped in foil, poke a few holes in the bottom and put a saucer beneath. But during the day, a hydrangea is going to need more light. Place the plant in good bright light — light that casts a shadow — with at least some direct sun. A potted hydrangea is a gift that keeps on giving. It can be planted outdoors after all chance of frost is past if you live in Zone 6 and south.

Just plant the hydrangea in a protected place. Outdoors, these old-fashioned charmers like to grow in partial sun. A spot with morning sun and afternoon shade is ideal. So is an area with moist soil or one that can be easily reached by a hose. Outdoors, as well as in, hydrangeas want plenty of water. Already a subscriber? Monitor journalism changes lives because we open that too-small box that most people think they live in.

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Grow Hydrangeas in Pots

Õppige, millised taimed õitsevad teie uue interaktiivse kaardi abil teie vastupidavustsoonis! Potted hydrangeas are a popular flowering plant. Often presented as a springtime holiday gift in a small, foil-wrapped pot, potted hydrangeas have a reputation for being short-lived. But with proper care, they can be used as a houseplant or patio accent for many years.

Planting perennial hydrangeas in pots gives you versatility and the option of moving During the growing season, and especially on hot and windy days.

Garden plant of the moment: Hydrangea

One of the most colourful flowering plants for the home garden are hydrangeas and summer is the time they show their big bold blooms. Planting Hydrangeas in gardens. Hydrangeas are easy to grow. Hydrangeas grow best planted in a position where it gets morning sun and is protected from the hot afternoon heat. For other coloured hydrangeas, Searles Professional Planting Mix is ideal.These mixes will provide all its nutrition needs for the growing season. Planting Hydrangeas in pots. Some compact varieties of hydrangeas look spectacular in pots placed around patios and high visible areas, eg.

How to Revive a Dying Hydrangea Plant

Nothing truly welcomes early spring-like Easter flowers. Fragrant Easter lilies, vibrant hydrangeas, and fresh-cut flowers are some excellent ways to embrace the season to your home, or as a thank you gift. Say hello to spring with fragrant, white, trumpet-shaped blooms. Easter lilies are a summer-flowering perennial bulb and often known to gardeners as a trumpet lily. When shopping for an Easter lily, look for one with flowers and bud is various stages of development closed bud, partially opened flower.

They make a wonderful gift for Easter or just about any spring celebration. The tag tells me that the variety is named Pink Sensation.

Hydrangeas indoors and out

Have you ever dreamed of planting and caring for your own hydrangeas with their glorious clusters of color and vibrant leaves? These old-fashioned yet utterly stylish plants are a colorful addition to borders and beds, can be planted as a hedge, and are easy to grow in containers as well. In our guide to growing hydrangeas , we discuss everything you need to know about cultivating these beauties in your garden. Lingime müüjatega, et aidata teil leida asjakohaseid tooteid. Kui ostate ühelt meie lingilt, võime teenida vahendustasu.


Woven through gardens and bouquets, hydrangeas have little competition when it comes to bold, lush blooms. There's something about their enduring beauty that completes our gardens and homes. Growing garden hydrangeas isn't hard when you understand their needs. Follow these simple hydrangea how-tos and fill your garden with these flowering beauties:. Browse through plant catalogs online and the hydrangea options seem endless. Plant explorers keep discovering them, and plant breeders keep developing new varieties. But most U.

Heat: During growing season a temperature around 65° is best–not below 60°. While plant is dormant, place in a cold but frost free place. Light: Indoors a sunny.

Bigleaf Hydrangea

Enjoyed This? Hydrangeas can really pack a punch in any garden with their large, distinctive blooms that often last from mid-summer all the way into early autumn. Generally easy to grow and pest-resistant, hydrangeas are tolerant shrubs that will reward you with magnificent flowers each year.

Hydrangea Indoors (Hydrangea macrophylla)

Our site is reader supported, this means we may earn a small commission from Amazon and other affiliates when you buy through links on our site. Hydrangeas are beautiful shrubs that make a powerful statement in any garden or home. Most people know the soft pink and blue clustered flowers typical of big-leaf hydrangeas but you can also find beautiful white colors , deeper reds, and multiple shades of purple. Hydrangeas are common as garden shrubs but you can grow them in pots or containers just as successfully. Whether you have those pots outside or inside caring for them does require a moderate amount of attention.

Lucky Pineapple Plant Hangers — Moogly.

How to grow and care for hydrangeas

A foretaste of summer, potted mophead hydrangeas are a popular houseplant gift choice in spring, making a beautiful alternative to cut flowers with their glossy dark green leaves and striking rounded flower heads. Place your hydrangea near a bright window in a cold room. However, potted hydrangeas sold as houseplants will have been produced in greenhouses and fed to encourage them to flower early, so they will need time to adjust to life outdoors before being planted out. Harden them off for one to two weeks before planting by placing them outside in their pots during the day and bringing them back inside at night. Hydrangeas grown for outdoor planting can be planted out straight away. The best time to plant mophead hydrangeas outdoors is in mid- to late spring when the soil has had a chance to warm up.

Book a 1-to-1 video call with Joe Bagley if you'd like a personal guide to repotting your houseplant. This will include recommending the right branded-compost and pot size, followed by a live video call whilst you transplant the specimen for step-by-step guidance and answer any further questions! If you're a forgetful waterer, avoid direct sunlight costs - the combination of too little soil moisture and intense rays will quickly lead to a miserable plant. If, however, you can provide good soil moisture throughout the year, a splash of either morning or evening sun will significantly benefit the Hydrangea.