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Jim hyatt landscape architect

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Jim hyatt landscape architect + photo. Over 14 years experience at various scales. Call or email me.

Tuesday, August 20, 2015

Gardening has always been one of my personal passions and interests. While gardening can be expensive, on an urban scale a half hour can be spent at your local park to pull a few weeds, dig a bit of a hole and watch the sun go down over the garden and cityscape of your life. I enjoy this every day work. When I am at the park my mind, body and soul is relaxed and at peace and I am content, as I feed the earth that grows and plants that speak of a past I have no knowledge of, that grow to feed the birds and other living things who do so with the same blissful care and I know I am making a difference in this world and that I am contributing to an environment that will give so much in return.

I have taken several photos of the park during the summer here in an attempt to share this experience with my friends and family who follow and love the natural life as I do. This park is located on a major city thoroughfare and even on a hot day, if you are fortunate to visit during a wet season you are greeted with lush greens, thriving plants and trees creating a rain forest like environment where birds are nesting, walking and living. The park also has some beautiful architectural sculpture and a field of native grasses that provide so many opportunities for bird and animal life to thrive and to wander. Of all the parks I have photographed this is my favorite because it is so wonderfully surrounded by people living very normal lives and enjoying the peace of nature.

Thursday, August 01, 2015

In the late 1990s a combination of people no longer able to work hard and do the upkeep of properties became a reality. Many abandoned and neglected buildings that were once open to anyone who wanted to enjoy their atmosphere and conditions were left alone. Now these structures are viewed as a hazard to the neighborhood, children and people walking by and the community has become understandably afraid of them. What should happen now with these structures is so complicated I have not found a good answer to any one thing.

Many buildings are also situated along flood plains that are often very dangerous for people if they should flood and so these are often condemned by the city and taken over by the government. I have seen many of these structures torn down and many rebuilt with an eye towards safety, but to my eye they never look as good as the originals and I have to wonder if it is the community that is to blame.

The owners of many of these buildings are often beyond any help, so who should be responsible in the eyes of the city? How can you maintain a building so many years later that has grown full of many layers of negative people with no intentions of fixing it and or giving it a new life as many of these properties once had, but now have become like ghosts, bodies not able to move their arms or legs?

Here is a picture of a burning building on the South Side of the city. You can see the flames in the windows and rising up through the windows and through the roof.

What happens now with these buildings? Who wants them? Is there a logical end to all of this? In the past these structures could be easily fixed up and sold as new rentals or condos and these buildings became great for families living in the city, but when will this ever happen again? How do we help people who want to live and work in these places but do not have the funds to maintain these areas? How can we help them so they will have more housing options and their families will have a place to live? Is there anything we can do?

Sunday, June 28, 2015

It is almost three years since I moved from the suburbs into a small building located in a small neighborhood. I think about the

past three years every day and realize how much I miss the nearby trees, the sounds of

the river, the crowds of living things around me, the walk to work, the gardens, the

birds, the place where all of my desires can be found and the millions of memories

that I took from my quiet suburban days of free time.

My neighborhood has a different look now. The streets are more crowded, there are

more houses in the area, the sounds of traffic are louder and the plants have had

more time to grow and spread. The feeling of community has expanded and one can

find so many more places to do so.

Now, my thoughts turn to my move from one place to another. We have now lived

in this apartment for more than a year and all the neighborhood children have been

nice to us and have smiled when we see them.Kuid nad on meile esitanud palju küsimusi

Pargi kohta üle tänava ja kus elame oma rohelises kodus. Millal

Olime valmis oma vanast majast lahkuma ja siia kolima noormees, kes kolis

Naabruskond umbes samal ajal kui me küsis minult, kuidas me maja maha jätsime

USA. Kui ma talle ütlesin, et kõndisime lihtsalt mööda aiateed, oli ta šokeeritud. Ta

avaldas selle kohta oma korteris üllatust, kui me seal olime, ja ta ütles, et ta

Kunagi ei saanud ta aru, et ta elab sellises rohelises naabruses. Muidugi ütles ta seda

Kui me küsisime temalt, mis värvi oli tema korteri sein, sest mulle meeldib võtta

Taimede ja puude pildid väljas, eriti kui need on rohelised.

Niisiis, ma näen selle väärtust, mida ma oma naabruses teen, kui mul on võimalus

Pange inimesed elama tervislikumat eluviisi ja toitma linde ning olema

imed, mida loodus mulle ja mu perele annab. Kuid ma pole kindel, kas on olemas

Selles väikeses linnaosades, kus puid on

olnud seal igavesti.

Minu pere ja mina läksime oma aeda äärelinnas ja tegin selle pildi meie peal

jalutuskäik. Tahtsin seda siin jagada ja nautida vaadet oma äärelinnast aiast.

Pühapäev, 17. mai 2015

Elades linnas, kus saate parki ja aeda kõndida või istuda

Vaata videot: Day at Work: Landscape Architect (Juuni 2022).


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